Sanctity of Confinement

(Melancholia, Evward Munch,  1894)

Sanctity of Confinement

A listening ear, a shoulder to cry on

The wall against the danger, the protection of what you fear

Understanding what you think, knowing what you feel

Secrets I hold; burdens I carry

My judgments suspended in the in-between

(Between the dogma of man and the compassion of God)

Steady on water, keeping rhythm with the waves

Controlled and trained, faltering is no construct

Stoicism is my virtue, obedience is my duty


But what happens when there are fissures in the granite?

Depths exposed

The silence thundering – screaming in my head

(No one dares to look; no one hears my panicked heart)

It’s the imprisonment of my internal self

Survival is more than fear, it is predestined

What doesn’t kill me, I will mend

And I am still here, solid underneath your feet







Drifting To Sleep


Embrace, Egon Schiele, 1917

Drifting Off To Sleep


My leg over your hip,

My chest pressed against your back

My arms surrounding you

Where my body finds its place

The energy drawing us together as if one


To the unseen; the intangible

Not allowed or condoned

But is granted, when my eyes close,

and my mind is lifted from its burdens

I find you, and lay myself besides your entombment


The rise and fall of your breath

My hand extends towards you, the heat of your body beneath the lingering of my touch

Aching in wanting; a heart’s desire in rapture

Indulging in the moments of your precious existence

Allowed me in my sleep

Lonely For You


(Unrequited Love – A Scene From Much Ado About Nothing, William Oliver)

Lonely For You

It’s you my thoughts stay

Linger in the what if


Is there such a dream to delve?

How I wish I was forgetful, like you

Of all that has been; all that keeps us eternally bound

To watch you from afar

Your life so meticulously laid out

Full of others who are not me

But there are moments

Moments when our paths meet

You on one side, me on the other

Dare you look over?

A glance, a smile, a hello

I see it…the struggle to understand what it means

You and me – somewhere, some time that you cannot recall

A knowing that is as real as the sunlight that warms

You cannot touch it, but it penetrates you all the same

But it is fleeting, and you move on, as do I

To my path on one side, you on the other

Your destiny without me, my destiny knowing

How lonely I am without you

White Butterfly


(A Cabbage White and Other Insects on a Rocky Bank by a pond, Carl Wilhelm de Hamilton, 1668-1754)


White Butterfly

Wings flutter to the whisper of the wind

Light in the awakening

The flurry an echo of melodia

Angels on high

Stirring above the decay

Leaving behind the binding of limitations

Set free…

Greeting the ones who know

Mesmerizing the soul that stirs

Peace is but a moment; comfort fleeting

Meaning unbound

The direction uncharted

Divinity so tangible, yet so unattainable

A Soul’s Journey


(Poem For The Soul, Louis Janmot, 1854)

A Soul’s Journey


Ones to come

Many left behind

Meaningless in theory

Heavy in reality

The old woman barely remembers

The young girl too free to care

Only the wise carries the burden

Harken fool!

Listen to the hushed voices

They are not condemning

Nor is your purpose wasted

Release your judgment

Or is it fear?

Remember who you are; who you will be

Live in the moment – like a child

Forget all that scatters your mind – like the old

In between is the journey, lessons abound

Enrich what needs to be toiled

Bear witness to joy

For condemnation is your imagination

And your soul is listening



(Setting Out To Sea, Valencia, Joaquín Sorolla, 1863 – 1923)


You died

Was it a punch in the gut,

Or a tear at my heart?

The lost time between us was adrift

Somewhere out there…

In the universe my thoughts would come to you

Asking for you to reach out, hoping you would know

My words were strong, but my feelings deep

Both hurt you – I hurt you

You misconstrued, misrepresented me; my purpose for you

Souls in wanting do that

I was always supposed to ground you

Remind you of the heart you let get cold

Denying the purpose for your existence

You were meant for greatness, only in a way that was not so great

You were great to me…to many others you leave behind

The wisdom you obtained, the searching from the ends of the earth,

if not the ends of your mind, were not lost on me

I wasn’t ready then

I’m ready now…searching for you

And you are gone

Without a word

You knew that, the cancer eating away the physical body that confined you

You died…leaving me to wander the road you have paved

Alone in my solitude

Ahhh…you teach one last lesson


Whispers of a Soul


(Young Woman On The Shore, Edvard Munch, 1896)

Whispers of a Soul

Sacred prayers

Longings of the heart screeching across the cosmos

Hidden beyond the darkness

Lost in realms of conscious reality

No one is listening; no one can hear

Only the shadows know the truth

Does his soul hear the calls of my sorrow?

Why must one bear the burden of knowing

While others live life blissfully ignorant?

There is no God of mercy, of love

For He would not want one to suffer such torment

Or leave one to such inevitable longing

Is destiny so destined?

Or are there interceptions–a chance of one’s fate

Where whispers are heard