A Soul’s Journey


(Poem For The Soul, Louis Janmot, 1854)

A Soul’s Journey


Ones to come

Many left behind

Meaningless in theory

Heavy in reality

The old woman barely remembers

The young girl too free to care

Only the wise carries the burden

Harken fool!

Listen to the hushed voices

They are not condemning

Nor is your purpose wasted

Release your judgment

Or is it fear?

Remember who you are; who you will be

Live in the moment – like a child

Forget all that scatters your mind – like the old

In between is the journey, lessons abound

Enrich what needs to be toiled

Bear witness to joy

For condemnation is your imagination

And your soul is listening

2 thoughts on “A Soul’s Journey

  1. Wow, love the opening and glad you got home. Living one day at a time without overthinking everything has it’s benefits! Thanks for sharing, it brightened my morning.


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