(Setting Out To Sea, Valencia, Joaquín Sorolla, 1863 – 1923)


You died

Was it a punch in the gut,

Or a tear at my heart?

The lost time between us was adrift

Somewhere out there…

In the universe my thoughts would come to you

Asking for you to reach out, hoping you would know

My words were strong, but my feelings deep

Both hurt you – I hurt you

You misconstrued, misrepresented me; my purpose for you

Souls in wanting do that

I was always supposed to ground you

Remind you of the heart you let get cold

Denying the purpose for your existence

You were meant for greatness, only in a way that was not so great

You were great to me…to many others you leave behind

The wisdom you obtained, the searching from the ends of the earth,

if not the ends of your mind, were not lost on me

I wasn’t ready then

I’m ready now…searching for you

And you are gone

Without a word

You knew that, the cancer eating away the physical body that confined you

You died…leaving me to wander the road you have paved

Alone in my solitude

Ahhh…you teach one last lesson


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