Whispers of a Soul


(Young Woman On The Shore, Edvard Munch, 1896)

Whispers of a Soul

Sacred prayers

Longings of the heart screeching across the cosmos

Hidden beyond the darkness

Lost in realms of conscious reality

No one is listening; no one can hear

Only the shadows know the truth

Does his soul hear the calls of my sorrow?

Why must one bear the burden of knowing

While others live life blissfully ignorant?

There is no God of mercy, of love

For He would not want one to suffer such torment

Or leave one to such inevitable longing

Is destiny so destined?

Or are there interceptions–a chance of one’s fate

Where whispers are heard



2 thoughts on “Whispers of a Soul

  1. E.,

    Thanks for sharing. I knew you where a romantic but now I see you’re really a tragic metaphysicist. Kidding! What happened to “love the one you’re with” (besides the song getting no air time)?

    I admire your pursuit of purpose but maybe we’re just relieving the maddening monotony of immortality? Or maybe we need to learn to grow or evolve as a multi-dimensional consciousness?



    Liked by 1 person

    1. A tragic meta physicist? Wow, I never thought of myself that way. But…I guess it is true. You get me! Love your analysis, and your depth of understanding. It is refreshing to be understood.


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