Lonely For You


(Unrequited Love – A Scene From Much Ado About Nothing, William Oliver)

Lonely For You

It’s you my thoughts stay

Linger in the what if


Is there such a dream to delve?

How I wish I was forgetful, like you

Of all that has been; all that keeps us eternally bound

To watch you from afar

Your life so meticulously laid out

Full of others who are not me

But there are moments

Moments when our paths meet

You on one side, me on the other

Dare you look over?

A glance, a smile, a hello

I see it…the struggle to understand what it means

You and me – somewhere, some time that you cannot recall

A knowing that is as real as the sunlight that warms

You cannot touch it, but it penetrates you all the same

But it is fleeting, and you move on, as do I

To my path on one side, you on the other

Your destiny without me, my destiny knowing

How lonely I am without you

One thought on “Lonely For You

  1. Really like this poem although the 1st 3 lines don’t work all that well for me.

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