Me, Uncovered


Did you know I am a Sci-Fi fan? Did you know I love learning about things like the Theory of Relativity, String Theory, and the concept of simultaneous universes???? Can’t get enough of this science and theory. Truly fascinating! My favorite show: Ancient Aliens! (And if you must know, Mysteries of the Museum, but that is for another blog. History, Philosophy are my pastimes…can I be any more nerdy????)

Yup, I love all that mysterious, hidden, scientific speculation, and conspiracy theory kind of stuff. My dad was a Sci-Fi reader. I remember crawling up in his arms as he read stories by Isaac Asimov, and the many others of his time. He would tell me stories of alien abduction, possibilities of life on other planets, deep sea civilization discoveries, life after death stories, and many more mysteries of the universe. It was mind blowing, creative, and gave me the concept of, “what if.”

I know, you are laughing at me! Aliens visiting earth! Advanced civilization!! Life on other planets!!! Traveling through time!!!!

I recently introduced my seventeen year old son to, Star Trek. (Yes, the original!) I loved watching Star Trek with my dad, and so I thought I would share the experience with him. He is a kid who likes the odd and quirky things. And let’s face it, Star Trek qualifies. At first I thought he would think it hokey and just make fun of it. (I mean, come on, it was sooooo dramatic. Drama queens must have learned from Captain Kirk!) But he didn’t, or if he did, he kept it to himself. At least he said he would continue to watch it with me. He’s a good kid!

When I watched Star Trek for the first time, my mind was blown!  When my son watched it, not so much. It had little effect on him. The concept of devices that you could communicate that could fit in your hand? Scanners that could look inside your body to see what was wrong? The ability to view space and display it all on a huge flat screen in real time?  The concept of other galaxies with life forms?  Traveling through space and visiting other worlds? These things were all new to me when I was a kids, but not so new to my 2016 kid. All those concepts written about in the 20th century as fantasy are mere realities today.

What does that say to your laughing at me now?

Here is the thing. No matter what you think about Sci-Fi, it has rooted us humans to think beyond our reality. It has given the human mind a road map of what can be possible, if not real. It has helped us transform the landscape of what we see, and give us a broader picture for interpretattion. It gave me the concept to never stop imagining the, “what if.”

The world is amazing!  It has endless possibilities, if not stories to tell. What we know now, may not even be true to what we will learn, or create. And for all my nerdiness…Well, you never know what my imagination, fascination, or creativity might produce for the world to come!

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