Find Your Passion

Unknown.jpeg   My son just graduated from high school. A great accomplishment. But as we all know, it is just the beginning of “it” all. Now he has the agonizing pain & joy of figuring out what it is he wants to do with his life. I wish I could tell him how to do it, but I still haven’t figured it out. Have you?

Find your passion! No one ever said that to me when I was graduating. I just kind of pushed along and did what it took to get a job, pay the bills, make a living. My major in college was a stepping stone for “a” job. Not “thee” job that would make me happy. Had someone told me, Find your passion, maybe my life would have looked different. “I could of been a contender!” Or a doctor, or even a writer!

I am just now, he-hem, at the ripe age that I am, finding my passion. It isn’t necessarily tied to money, or career. I would like it to be, but I am much toooooo practical to think that I could make a living loving what I do. That was never a part of my upbringing. But recently I have been editing my book(s), and I think I have finally discovered what this “passion” is that everyone is talking about.

After a week long isolation in my office, I surfaced Friday morning with an exhilaration I had forgotten. I wasn’t finished with my edits, but I was excited, almost giddy to start the day and continue. I woke up, happy! I was excited to get back into the writing. I smiled every where I went, and I even walked into an appointment singing.

“Boy, someone is happy,”my appointment person said.

“Yes, I am,” I proudly remarked. YES, I AM!

It made me pause and realize, I think I have truly found my passion.

I have done a lot. No, really! I have done a lot of different things. Hobbies and work alike. They call me The Renaissance Woman, and The MacGyver of all trades! I have worked in the business world for over twenty years doing sales, marketing, and management. Then started up a gardening design business for a few years, which moved into a home accessories’s business, and now I am doing interior design. Simultaneously, I am writing. My husband claims I am not focused and never “finish” anything. Okay, he may want to say I don’t stay focused,  (I think the word was flaky, but let us not quibble over words!) But I think I was just following my interests that ultimately found my passion. He teases that my writing is just another “hobby.” (Do you see me smirking???? And not in a good way!) But what I feel when I am writing is far beyond a hobby. It is exhilarating; joyous beyond words! It is fulfilling me in ways I never knew was possible for a human being. It makes me content. I feel passion! So, even it is a hobby, a trade, or both, the fact that I found it…well, mission accomplished. Now the “work” begins. Start indulging in it. Get better, do it,  become as good as I can, and hopefully share it with the world. Make it happen and don’t stop until my dying breath. Live it.

Yay me!

It may have taken a few years to get here. Do I tell my son that? Life…that the journey of finding out what drives you, who you are, and finding out what makes you excited is a mixture of the mundane & the excitement of exploring. Some, who are lucky, do find their passion early. But most of us, it is a long road and accumulation of all that you experience. What is that George Bernard Shaw said, “Youth is wasted on the young?” I say, “Life is wasted on the young…or until you find you passion!”

What is your passion? Let me know. Until then, I say to my son, get out there and start searching. It is never too early to find it! But it is never too late either.




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