Finding Jane, Chapter 1, Part 1

Morning Comes

The light was penetrating through the bamboo shades like little yellow beams of gold. If Jane kept her eyes tightly shut, she might be able to ignore the brightness that was infiltrating her bedroom. It was still early, but the summer solstice was a few days away and the sun was pouring its way into her bedroom earlier and earlier each day. Five minutes more was all she was asking before she had to start another day.

Jane rolled over curling herself up into a ball. She squeezed her lids tighter and sighed aloud knowing it was no use. She was awake whether she liked it or not! Her alarm went off only confirming the realization. She reached over across the empty pillow beside her and shut it off.

She angrily kicked off her sheets, pushing them to the end of the bed as if it were their fault she was being forced out. Her eyes hurt as she slowly blinked them open. They were puffy and stinging from a lack of sleep. As her mind cleared and the dream state faded she tried desperately to suppress her thoughts about Stephen, but it was still too fresh in her memory. Stephan was gone and she was alone.

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