“Stupid, Stupid, Stupid!”

First, let me thank my six fans for reading my blog last week.

I think it is apparent that writing a blog is really just ‘listening to yourself talk.’ Since from the age of three, I was always talking just for talking’s sake. So, I suppose that writing is just a natural extension of who I was always meant to be: a lonely, pathetic person who talks to herself in her own little world!

Stupid, stupid, stupid! My mind screams out to me!

What made me think I could be a writer? What made me think my story was any good? What made me think to tell people? What made me think I would be worth reading? What made me think I was worth listening too?

Then, as if my angels were reading my mind, I received Bryan Hutchinson’s latest blog, Why You Need To Do Something Stupid (To Succeed As An Artist) – See more at: http://positivewriter.com/stupid/#disqus. He reminded me that little lesson about life: It is worth taking chances and being stupid sometimes:

“We’re not always afraid of failure itself, we’re more afraid of the repercussions of failing and being considered an idiot for thinking we could get away with it.” – Bryan Hutchinson

I may have only six people who read my blog, but at least I did it! I may have written a novel that no one cares about. But, I least I did it! I could of stayed quiet about writing, like I have done for so many years, but as I least I told people! (Check me out on Facebook, Writerdeeva. Shameless plug????)

I am out there making a complete fool of myself. I am feeling stupid that I may never be successful at writing. I am feeling inadequate that my story is not good enough to be published. I am feeling ashamed that few people read my blog. I am embarrassed that no one goes to my Facebook page. But the bottom line is: I couldn’t be more proud!

            And in my own little world, I am doing just fine……           

7 thoughts on ““Stupid, Stupid, Stupid!”

  1. I think your blog is great!!! I was fortunate that you shared your book with me it was awesome!!! Your following your dreams. Nobody can call that stupid!!!!! Keep going girl!!!


  2. I agree, keep going! Congrats on finishing your first novel, that is a huge endeavor, one I’m working on furiously (or, um not as much a as I’d like now that my son dropped his nap, sigh) on my novel and some days it’s so slow going I wonder – doubt – I’ll ever finish. But I keep on… Looking forward to reading more of you!


  3. Hi Elizabeth. I’m Marie Gerken…Renee’s sister-in-law. I live in Chicago and was just talking to Renee. She told me about you and your writing. I wanted to reach out to you because…why not! I have just recently launched my own “creative space” throwing my writing out to the world. It’s called My Unique Mark. I have a Facebook page and website is almost done. I’m going to friend you on Facebook. My best to you!


    1. What I have found out is that writers are very supportive of one another, honest and sincere. It is always good to reach out and stay connected. We need to lifted up by people who understand our torment and constant “failures.” So, yes, by all means. I will friend you and be happy to read your blog. Good luck and stay connected.


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