What Are You Reading?

I have to laugh at myself at being a romance author. (Well, I laugh at myself about a lot of things but that can be saved for another blog.) I spend most of my time reading nonfiction. My areas of interest include theology, politics and the supernatural.

“How varied!” You are thinking.

And indeed it is! Maybe that is why my story is so interesting. Yes! Finding Jane has all of that in one little romance novel!!

I am not sure what makes a great author, or better yet, a great storyteller. Should I be reading more fiction? Does that disqualify me from writing fiction? If I got one message from the movie, I Remember Mama (1948) it is to write what you know. Although most of my reading in nonfiction, my attempt at writing fiction is just my need to be creative in the best way I know how; and my need to use words. That is what I know!

I have to laugh, again at my need to use words. When I was younger….and I stress the “er,” I was reprimanded on numerous occasions by my boss to make my business communications (because email was just a new concept then) short and sweet. As you might surmise, I was rather wordy in my expression of thoughts. It took me many, many attempts to learn my skill of concise communication only to the point of being reprimanded by another boss that I was too direct by my lack of expressive use of words.

Uuuuuuuuuuugh! I would never get it right! Until now….

Now I am free to express as long and flowery as I want. Oh, what joy I am having! All for your benefit, of course! In Finding Jane there is no shortage of beautiful repartee among my characters. One of the many charming qualities of the book! I hope you will be soon be able to experience that for yourself.

With all that said and a slight digression of thought, I would love to know what you are reading and why. Let me know what is on your nightstand. I am curious what interests inspire your imagination.

3 thoughts on “What Are You Reading?

  1. I am reading The best of me by Nicolas Sparks. I enjoy his books because they are generally romantic without being explicit. You can have an imagination. He is very detailed in his description, and I enjoy that because it makes me feel I am there. In most of his books I care for the characters and what happens to them. This one is in theaters, and I always prefer to read before I watch.
    However, I just finished Finding Jane by Elizabeth Conte Torphy. Wow that was an excellent read!!!!!


  2. I am currently reading War Brides on my kindle. It is very intriguing & I love all the strong female characters. The novel is set in England during World War II. The main characters are 5 women from different walks of life but this war has brought them together to form a unique bond.
    I also like to read many different types of books, but my favorites usually involve a bit of history!!


  3. I am currently reading Nicholas Sparks “The best of me”. I am enjoying it… However I was one of the blessed readers of Finding Jane. I loved this story much more. The complex characters, detailed writing style, and the depth I felt for the characters. Move over Sparks and Norah…there is a new girl in town.. Elizabeth Conte… She is the writing Deeva!!!!


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