Ready, Set, Jump!

I realize that I do not need to post everyday. And today….well I have nothing to say. That is a first! So, with nothing to say, I guess I will pull a Seinfeld and say nothing:

I got my book yesterday of publishers, agents  and editors. The book is thick and daunting…..for some! I am eager to move forward with my query letter and get this “thing” out there! Will they like it? Will they hate it? Is my query letter any good? Can my book make them money?

Rejection is hard thing to take for anyone. But artists have to put themselves out there all the time and be judged and rejected a million times more than the average citizen. Are we creatures of punishment? Why would we do this? Do we seek fame that badly???

I never thought of myself as one seeking fame. Gosh, two people have read my book, and have liked it; I am as happy as one can be. If I never get published I am equally thrilled that someone liked my writing. But my drive is more than that. I love to create. I want to write more! I cannot wait to sit down and get the characters out of my head onto paper….or in this case, into the computer. I think I am good…no,I think my writing is really good! (Thanks Dad!) So, here I sit at the edge of the cliff, looking out into the sea of writers, publishers, editors and agents. Will they even notice that I have jumped and am looking for a place to land, or do I splatter on the ground with the hundreds of other “great” writers out there?

2 thoughts on “Ready, Set, Jump!

  1. You soar like an eagle till you land the deal!!! Don’t settle for NO!!!! Love the book, the writing, the story, and the characters. Someone out there will feel and see what I do. Trust yourself and your dream to get published! The journey is part of the fun!


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