Do men need romance novels, or do women need to stop reading them?

I was driving in a car with my friend when I asked her about romance. She laughed. She said she was the last person to ask about romance. In fact, she wasn’t even sure what romance was. Had she ever been with a romantic man? With a sigh, she confessed that she never really expected it. The modern woman has lost something….expecting romance.

With our independence we gave away our submission to be made love to. Why is being romantic synonymous with being denigrated? Men think it is being weak to be romantic, and woman feel it is giving up their power by wanting it! Say what???? We have been sold a bill of goods that being in bondage (and we all know what book I am referring to) is romantic. It makes me sad that we have lowered our standards of respect when it comes to love. Maybe because we can’t find the ideal? Or maybe because we stopped asking for it no one is even trying anymore! So, we read about it…millions and millions of romantic books are sold!

Hmmmmmmm This brings me to my second point: Woman want romance! They read it, they watch it, they daydream about it. They are unfulfilled because of it! Men, what don’t you get here??? Want Woman, Get Romance! (My new AD campaign.) Men often say, “Just tell me what to do and I will do it.” Well, here is my little secret to those men. READ ROMANCE NOVELS! It will be the best roadmap ever to getting sex! Find out what all those woman out there are thinking about and try, try hard to duplicate some of it. Duh! (But no, they turn to porn…as their ideal. I am not having sex with the pizza delivery dude with my girlfriend who came over for wine!!!! I am just say’in!)

Now, I am not saying you have to be a swashbuckling pirate, or a Highlander in a kilt….but that can’t hurt in the role playing department! What I am saying is that romance is still desired. Even with the sexual revolution, women haven’t lost their need to be tenderly kissed, softly touched, or longingly admired. Nor have they lost their need to be erotically touched, brazenly explored, or to be sexually turned on.They are just seeking it in a place they can find it from a someone who is willing to pleasure her: A romance novelist. What if she could find it with you???? In my novel, Finding Jane, Jane discovers that the idea of romance is not impossible from a man, but it is every bit in his capacity. She just needed to feel that she was honorable enough to have it. And what does Henry get in return from Jane? Find out soon on bookshelves near you!

3 thoughts on “Do men need romance novels, or do women need to stop reading them?

  1. I have just finished reading Finding Jane. What an amazing book! I am so fortunate that Elizabeth shared her work of art with me. It would be a great loss to society to not share this wonderful story with the world. Was an absolute joy to read!!!

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