Letting You Go


Letting You Go

I am afraid…

Afraid to let you go

Afraid to wander this soulless world without you

Heavy is my heart with the burden of the emptiness

I have known loss

It has hardened me to endure what is to come

Fear should not constrain me

Sadness merely a state of mind

I should not fight what destiny commands

But why does it pull heavily against my chest, the aching so real?

I want to cry, plead with the universe to change its mind

To allow what I yearn for…

A fictitious entity you have been; a mere illusion of my heart’s desire

It never has been

And never will be

I hate truth, in all her virtue!

I have lived blissful in my denial

I have lived in hope

But I am too old to have dreams so reckless

And you are too oblivious of my love for you














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