Not Another New Year Resolution!

Welcome back my fellow readers!

I had taken some time off during the holidays to enjoy the finer details of life that we writers seem to forget. It is called life outside the clicking of keys. In ways, I have missed it. But if truth be known, I have been hesitant to start up again. I feared my “inspiration” was no longer there. I started doubtingly my ability to complete my third novel, or if I had it in me to actually be a writer. Self doubt rears its ugly head!

I have read so many blogs about starting the new year, resolutions, getting organized, and making plans. Like this is some new, magical concept as the clock ticks past midnight on January first! But the truth is, as wisdom allows, that inspiration, resetting your goals, and organizing your life is not an annual thing. It is a daily thing! It doesn’t take reading advice on jumpstarting your writing, charts to plan your future, or setting reading lists to become a new and improved writer. It just takes sitting down and doing it…AGAIN.

No, I am not one of those happy-go-lucky, zen masters who “feel” that each day is an opportunity for greatness…sort of. But I do believe that each thought is a chance to turn things around. Each decision is a chance at betterment. Each time you look ahead is your opportunity to shoot for what you see.

I just turned a magical age. I will not disclose, for what is age really??? But a few years back, when I was gearing up for this “undisclosed age” I was lamenting getting older. A dear friend turned to me and said, “Birthdays are a blessing.” Say what??? (She was not as old as me and couldn’t possibly grasp the downside of what age does to your mind, body, and significance in the world.) She explained: A friend of hers died of cancer very young. Each birthday was a celebration of another day of life.

Powerful, and it has stuck with me ever since.

This brings me back to my point of all these lofty New Year Resolutions. They are just that: exalted thoughts. I don’t need a new year to inspire me to lose weight, get organized, plan for my future, read more books, or whatever all those articles/blogs are spewing out. Every day is my new year. For life isn’t what it holds tomorrow, but what it is today. Today and every minute is a chance to  be inspired, get your things together, make decisions that will put you where you want to go. Today is going to be the best day of your life! For yesterday is gone, and tomorrow may never come.

I knew my writing was not “inspired,” per se. My gift to write may be inspirational, but my ability to make it happen is all me. I don’t need to wait for the hands on a clock to tick past a certain number, or a magical sign that it is time to do something important. A decision, a thought, a will, and an action, today, is all it takes. Writing is in me, like the blood flowing through my veins. I have words and stories constantly being created, and wanting to get out. I am not waiting for some grand gesture or moment for them to be created. If I sit my butt down, put my fingers to the keys…they will come. Today I shall write! Today I shall continue to be the best person I can be. Today I shall look at my life ahead with the knowledge that I am blessed with another day.


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