The Kiss is Alive…and well




Forbidden Kiss

Pulled together

Where we abandon our character

Our heartbeats meet in rhythm

If only by breath

Our souls unite


I write women’s fiction, so I am the creator of many kisses. I am not saying this is hard, but I feel a duty to give my readers something worthy. I am a romantic. I love the idea of kissing and the whole experience of a kiss. My favorite kiss? Roman Holiday, Gregory Peck & Audrey Hepburn’s kiss before they part. Terribly simple, sweet, and meaningful. It shaped my ideas of a kiss and how I deliver them in a scene. I want to give kisses the honor they deserve.

But, are kisses still relevant? The whole idea of kissing seems to get tossed out for a pair of handcuffs. From years of soap operas, to the sex driven television shows, and bigger than life movies, a kiss is merely a formality, deconstructed for all to see (waaaaaay to much at times), and the nuances are lost in its generic action. Kissing another human being has become more common than shaking hands.

I want to bring back the kiss! No, this does not entail me scurrying about and kissing men at random. (I think my husband would look down upon that kind of zealous revolution!) So, in the the only way that I can, I choose to write about them. I want my readers to remember the value of what makes a kiss, a kiss. I have to make it a worthy read. Lips uniting, tongues thrashing…can only go so far. Anyone can write that! You have to make the reader want the kiss as much as the character. They must feel the passion driving the need for two bodies to unite in breath, not just body. It is what separates it from just merely an action and it becomes something you feel.

So, what makes a kiss memorable? Like in life, there has to be a story that leads up to it. What makes a kiss a kiss is the desire and wanting before it even happens.

Jane had no intention of intimacy, but as she glanced up, his eyes met hers, moving her with their sentiment. They were the same eyes she gazed into as she sleepily awoke that afternoon by the pond. The pools of darkness were now inviting her to dive in. Her body shivered as his body shadowed over her. – Finding Jane

But when a kiss is delivered, it should describe the sentiments, not the details. I don’t want a description of the minutiae! It should generate the feelings of pleasure, intimacy, and meaning.

“Damn you!” he shouted, shocking Jane with a fury in his voice. He grabbed her forcibly, entrapping her in his arms. The dark storm in his eyes raged as he came down upon her lips, kissing her urgently. It was as if he wanted to swallow her whole being, dragging her down into the depths of his soul. He was not gentle as he thrust his tongue inside, tasting her, and breathing her in. His lips were strong muscles exercising their right to overpower her. He slid his arm down her back, pushing her further inside his embrace, his hips pressed into her with no constraints on his desire. – Finding Jane

How many times can you write about a kiss and make it different, passionate, exciting, worthy? Well, honestly, there are a million ways to write about a kiss. That is the beauty of a kiss. No two are alike! And the pleasure is endless. (Men! Make note of this!) Kisses have all sorts of meaning, purposes, and results. As ancient as the action of a kiss is, it never ceases to amaze us, or affect us. I hope my writing can remind men and women alike that the kiss is still alive and well!





One thought on “The Kiss is Alive…and well

  1. A kiss can not be forgotten when placed upon the lips correctly. It is the truest form of intimacy. Loved the blog👍🏻👍🏻


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