Vitality of the Moon

Energy. “En” meaning within, “ergon” meaning work. It is the property of matter and radiation to perform work. It is electrical currents that flow around us. It is what we are made of. It is our life source to God. Yet, we seem to think so little of its power. We humans don’t tap into it. It is like air; it is just there.

Except when it is in full force.

I was speaking to another writer the other day. I said, “Did you feel it?” He understood. We had just come off a full moon. It was like someone zapped my creative juices and they were all of sudden flowing out of me. My mind was a tidal wave of thoughts and I couldn’t type fast enough. Needless to say, my third book is on its way to being written.

This energy thing is amazing. It is a high like no other. I almost feel my blood tingle as it wraps around my body. I smile more, I sing more (in spite of my daughter begging me to stop), I dance when no one is looking. Oh hell, even when they are looking. I laugh and just feel good. I love this energy! Love that bright ball in the sky. The golden yellow that lights up the world below in a magical dream. It is almost like you can see a mystical alter universe basking in its glow. That is the power of the full moon. It opens up the energy force to its brightest level.

And then it fades.

Or at least the moon cycles around, pulling the energy in an ebb and flow around us. It doesn’t mean that I am not creative, or I stop writing. The remnants of the energy are still working its magic on my creative force. It is just not as “giddy” as that burst from the full moon.

So, how do we capture it? How do we maintain the creative force that is around us.

I say be conscious of it. Know that there is more to the world than flesh and bones, the here and now, the physical elements. Energy is all around us, connecting us to each other, to creativity, to a more knowing sources of the world around us. My friend and I are writers and may just take the time to tap into it for our work. But everyone has the potential to do the same. You will be amazed of what you can see if you just realize it is there.

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