The Locket About Us


The Gold Locket, Frederick Carle Frieseke, 1917-1919)

The Locket About Us

Ask me what I know

How it is that we sit here today

What I am to you, you to me

The secrets that I have kept for so long

The shrouded veil that I have lived behind

The flailing flaps offering glimpses of the past

Do you see them–the snippets of time lost?

Stirring “something” you can’t ignore

The memories locked in time

I know too much; told too many things

For which I dare not share

For which I do anyway… hidden of course

In the sketches of my mind

On display waiting to be unlocked, unraveled, interpreted

You don’t grasp it, not yet

Maybe it’s not for you to “see” until you are ready

But even then, I wonder…

Why the angels taunt us with the awakening

And so, I say, ask away

Challenge the status quo

Let your imagination ponder the existence of all humanity

Of our intertwined connection

But when you are done what does it resolve?

Life is what it is

Our choices are made

The paths walked on in other directions

And knowing doesn’t make a difference

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