(Love and Pain, Edvard Munch, 1895)



Tormented soul

Why do you suffer?

Why do you swim around in the mud only to sling it towards those that stretch out their hands?

You do not see the light

Draped in blackness of your own making

Breathing is heavy, eyes wide, mind panicked

Casting  doubts on your saviors


Taint all that is good-all that you are

Doubting God’s perfection; the sin of Eve

Breathe in the payote of the damned

Cradle in their claws

Comfort for a price, I warn

They do not give so freely

Your soul is payment


Mark this moment; the stopping of time

The last touch of my skin

Our hearts pressed against each other

My tears choking

You’ll mourn this moment, this life I so freely gave you

Mocking my worth; stamping on my sacrifices

All for self love


What was my sin; my debt to repay?

Has God no mercy of the price I have already paid?

I  humble myself because of you–before God–the lessons I am to learn

Cursing my path to damnation; your road to perdition

I weep, will continue to weep, and will always weep

For you are not just mine to give, but mine to give up

I set you free…





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