Plea To Love


(John William Waterhouse)


Plea To Love 

My energy is luminous

Enveloping all that come too close

Blinding anyone who dares to look

Frightening those who cannot understand it

You are afraid to get too close


It is goodness, pure and brilliant

A spiritual awakening of one’s humanity

I want nothing more than for you to bask in its glory

To feel loved and cherished

Your fear keeps you from such intimacy of heart


The gravity is strong, overwhelming in its force

I can’t turn it off, tone it down, flip a switch

It vibrates in intensity the closer I get; the more I love

The body is no match for the spiritual entanglement

You hide behind your shield of defense, blocking my power


Love is infinite in its ability

Received or given, it has the power for joy beyond your limited perception

It is exhilarating and breathtaking

Capable of filling the dark corners of your soul

You deny that which is pure; corrupting the intention


I can make no demands

Boundaries are set

I will give what I am allowed, knowing your limits

I have no other option but to love you

You have no choice in its existence, only in its effect








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