Writing And Being Significant!

A friend asked me the other day what my blogs are about. Another friend interjected, “Life…her philosophy of life.”

Well said, my friend, well said!

Yes, I will have to admit that my “writing” blog isn’t about writing so much as it is about life. Well, my philosophy of life. I know, let’s face it…no one really cares about my philosophy of life! Who am I to give out ideas of grandeur? But needless to say, I spew it out in multitudes, whether anyone wants to read it or not. (Don’t you love America???)

My mom was wondering if I would write mysteries. She loves a good mystery. But that is not my forte. (Maybe I will one day just to make her happy. Everyone should try to make their mom happy!) I write about the human element. Love, loss, understanding between us humans. That is what moves me. It is what I want to explore, conquer, research, delve into…all in the name of the human connection. I am not a grand story teller. I am not mystical or fantastical. Maybe like Nathanial Hawthorne, I write about the mundane of people. Not sexy, but it is an important element in storytelling and writing. Human nature is a part of all of us no matter color, race, creed, gender, etc. Stories about the individual as the purpose has no expiration date. How amazing is that? There are plenty of books out there to grasp at those that want something to be “happening.” The mysteries to solve, the sex to have, the demons to conquer, the aliens worlds to explore. My stories are more about walking a journey of life…connecting ourselves with the human element no matter how big or small.

I have a great line in Finding Jane: “Books connect us to those that lived long before us, and give us a perspective on individuals and the importance of their existence. They can bring one small person to life before us, not just great heroes. It makes the everyday person have significance.”

This is why I write. I want to give significance to the individual and to the human element. I want people to read and feel that their little world, and their lives have meaning even if it is just a snippet in the existence of man. You don’t have to find a vampire to have deep love, go to an imaginary world to discover magic, or be tied up to enjoy sex. My stories make the ordinary just as interesting. Ordinary lives matter not only in the general purpose of humanity, but down to the minute details of all that one experiences in one’s short life. Those are my characters and the stories I tell. Each encircling character has characteristics, feelings, and purpose…they are not “nobodies.” In  Finding Jane, Egan, Mr. Hodges, Cook all have a purpose and a human connection to the main character. They are not just pedestrians….they are players. We are all players in life…and to not recognize that is taking away from our journey of souls. And the journey makes a great story to tell.

I admit, I personally am too “serious” for most people. Too passionate, too contemplative, too much! Hello, I am a writer!!!! I write emotionally, deeply, and probably too purely. I am not fluff, and this “human element” perspective is not for everyone. But…what is more universal than love and discovering the boundaries? What is more universal than exploring the bonds of our humanity? I do believe that there is a great audience out there for just what I have to offer. And I hope that when someone picks up my books they can recognize a little part of themselves, who they are, who they can be, and what makes them all so damn important.

So, there you have it. Not just me writing about writing, but my life’s philosophy. Be cognizant that you are significant!

One thought on “Writing And Being Significant!

  1. Hellloooo what friend could have missed your blog?? Ha ha!!!
    Awesome blog today!!! I think the feisty woman in you makes you have passion in your work. It shows ;)))
    Keep the books coming!!!

    Liked by 1 person

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