Passing the Finish Line…completing my second novel!

Ahhhh, another novel under my belt. I should be blissful and jumping for joy…..NOT!

What does another novel mean to a writer? Crap, now I have to write the query, the synopsis, the back cover, tweet it, post it, tell everyone I know. Oh yeah, and there is the rejection all over again!

That moment of joy? The feeling of accomplishment? So quick you almost miss it….

I finished writing my second novel a few months ago. The first Draft. That made me soooo excited. I got the story out. I cheered a little…okay, maybe a lot. I told everyone, “Hey, look at me, I wrote another book.” But in the back of my head I knew that I was a fraud. It wasn’t completed. I still had to put it together, align the chapters, edit, revise and make it look somewhat like a book so that I could finally hand it out to my beta readers. Well, I am now there. I have my book “completed.” Until…I get feedback, rewrite & revise, cut it, add to it…to have my book “completed” A-GAIN. Oh, and that is just the beginning. There will be more to come when I put it out there to agents who will, ‘like  it, but it is not for them’, ask me to cut it down, make it tighter, or just plain reject it.

So, the big question is: Is writing a novel ever done?

I will let you know when I have one of my novels (now there are two to choose from) is published and I can’t change it anymore. As long as it sits on my computer with editing capabilities, writing a novel is never done….until the fat lady sings me a book deal! So, as I shout today, for tomorrow will be another day of revising, and moving on to the work of a book (query development, the long and short synopsis, and promotion), I will relish the thought that I have completed my second novel.

Get ready beta readers…

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