Never Predict Your Future!


I was speaking to woman I met last night. She was in medical equipment sales and commented, “I will probably do this the rest of my life/career.” I looked at her and said, “Never predict your future!” You never know how your life will turn, where it will take you, or what you are capable of. But what you must not do is ever think that you cannot change your life or do what you really want to do!

I guess I have been around a lot of people who have reinvented themselves in their careers. Some because they had to, others because they have wanted to. But the point being is, your life is not stagnant, if you don’t want it to be! I am not saying that you will gain success, money, fame, or achieve something grand. That is a possibility. More likely, you can just have something different than what you have; do something you want to do and it could make you just as happy or more.

I have reinvented my career many times: Corporate marketing, Corporate sales, MOTHER, Garden Designer, Interior Designer, and now, Writer.  I have been lucky to do so, but also because I have put myself out there and tried. I had fear, reservations, insecurities. Who wouldn’t?  Have I been highly successful? Well, maybe not the way my husband would like…He would like to retire early on the wings of my success! (Didn’t happen! Sorry Honey!) But each thing I have tried has been challenging and has given me a broader sense of who I am, what makes me fulfilled, and what I am capable of. I took a chance…and that is a lot more than most people can say. For that I am successful! I do not regret that I moved into different areas and tried different things. I have loved the challenges and realizing that I am capable of more than I had planned on!

Writing has always been that “thing” out there that I thought was for someone else. Who was I to think I could be a writer???? I can write. I have great stories. But so do many thousands of other writers out there. I am constantly reading articles that tell me that I am one, little, tiny speck in the sea of sand that falls at the feet of agents and publishers! I could fail miserably! I question my writing every day of my life. I panic that I have let all of you know I am writing…and then it will never be good enough, published, read, or noticed. I worry that I will be judged as a loser. (This is where I insert that age makes this easier to say, “Oh well, who cares what you think!”) Then I sit back and realize, at least I am trying! 

Despite what other many think, judge, laugh at, or care, they are not going to be with me at the last breaths of my life when I say, “Did I do all that I thought was possible?” I cannot predict my answer to that question yet because each day brings something new and gives me a chance to try anything. And trust me, there are so many things I wish I could have done, should have done in the past in my career choices. But that doesn’t stop me now to move forward and change that fact that I have today and I am not going to let fear stop me from changing my life. When it comes to writing, I will not have regrets!

So, I hope the woman I met listened to my words and that they gave her hope to realize that she has more in her than she thought was possible. Don’t let fear stop you!

Have you reinvented yourself through the years. Share with us in the comments below. I think others will be inspired to not let fear stop them!!

One thought on “Never Predict Your Future!

  1. I absolutely love this entry on your blog. One can reinvent themselves in so many ways. Career, physically, mentally to be a better person. The list goes on… Very thought provoking. Thank you for sharing!!! Love it!!


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