Finding Jane, Chapter 1, Part 3

“Jane…I am not in-love with you anymore!” He just blurted it out.

Jane’s body froze. She felt momentarily paralyzed by the rush of emotions that sucks the air out of your lungs. Her heart began beating rapidly and the pounding resonated in her head. She wondered if everyone in the restaurant had heard Stephen’s words. She looked around to see if anyone was staring at her, but they were all were going on with their lives, eating and drinking with no interruptions. It was only she who felt the room spinning.

Jane slowly pulled her hand out of his and slumped into her chair. She felt the heat rise from her heart to her face puzzled by the words that came out of Stephen’s mouth.

“I think we have had a great time together. But you and I have been on autopilot for a long time. You must have been feeling this way too?”

Stephen shifted his position leaning into Jane so that his words were delivered more privately. She looked at him with curiosity, still with nothing to say.

He continued, “I think its time we move on with our lives, Jane.”

“Move on?” Jane repeated the words. “Move on to where?”

Stephen continued on with his conversation, his lips moving in continuous motion. He said something about her being happier without him and how he was doing this for her. Jane stopped comprehending the words. After those declarations she just couldn’t process any more. She didn’t know if she wanted to slap him, scream, or just run away. Instead, she sat there, listening to his empty sincerity wondering how she missed the signs of her relationship failing. It was apparent that he had had time to disengage. His words were careful and kind, but they lacked any attachment. For him, closure was simply the task of telling her. He no longer loved her. Jane knew in her heart, by the look in his eyes, his disconnected touch and his vacant words there was nothing she could say or do to change the way he felt. It was over for him.

One thought on “Finding Jane, Chapter 1, Part 3

  1. Ugh…such a heart breaking section. I am sure male or female can relate to heartbreak at one time or another. Looking forward to next Wednesday’s entry!!!!


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