I Remember Momma

(1860s/1870s, 19th Century oil painting of an elderly peasant woman knitting by the light of the fire. Unsigned, British)

I Remember Momma

I Remember Momma

It was a movie, from long ago…longer than most will remember

It was a story I have never forgotten

About a little girl who yearned for more

…more than her little world offered

More than her mother, limited by her circumstances

with curses she would never be a victim of the same

And yet…

Transformed by experiences

Wisdom hard earned

I remember Momma

Idle in her head for which sickness drowned her

Stories she could remember; stories she thought she remembered

Memories she kept sacred…

Sins she had to pay

A woman of pure love…of undying love!

Who gave all she had

Who asked for more than we could give

Who never got her fill, and cursed God for it

And yet, still remained a sheep among the flock; hopes of eternity

I remember Momma

Wisdom not hers–the disease took that away

Success not a destination she reached,

but a journey of hills and valleys she climbed,

The outcomes, God’s will; Que Sera Sera!

Some called it faith, a fool’s faith

But she was no fool…just naive; hopeful

…Good! Really, really good!

Money was not attainable…leaving dreams to lay in the dirt,

seeded, but never fruitful

But everything she touched was priceless

She was priceless; not a woman of women, but a woman of humanity

A kind of angel on earth never fully realized…until they touch your life

And I am forever humbled by my shame,

to think I needed to be more than…

I remember Momma,

Oh, if only to be worthy of being just like her

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