Crown Upon Thy Heart


(Lamia And The Soldier, John Williams Waterhouse, 1905)


Is it enough to just love?

To cloak my body in the air in which you breathe?

To dream of what may be possible; to mourn of what may never be?

Every waking hour, every last thought, every part of me…

is connected to your essence

Even if I am but a shadow of your reality


Love is not for the selfish, for the hoarders of heart

Nor for those who wish for something in return

To be in this world, knowing you are in it, is but a prayer

Whispered in the ears of the angels

We are souls of pasts uninterrupted, only parted by time and circumstance

A cosmic force for which we have little understanding


It is not unknown the cruelty of the universe

She wreaks havoc on the petty, the unbelievers, the forgetful ones

Her darkness descending upon hearts at birth

Leaving those to cry unto the heavens for their lost ones

Oh, how she taunts me!

Clear seeing, I am granted…Clear knowing, I am cursed


I am not forsaken by God, or by you

Love cannot be broken, nor can it be destroyed

Only tempered if one understands this

My love for you will not be deterred, nor will it be corrupted with sorrow

So, yes, my love, it is enough…

if that is all I am granted






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